Next phase for Karpaz

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NORTH CYPRUS: Operators of Karpaz Gate Marina are taking the site to yet another luxury phase with the addition of a high-end seafront boutique hotel and spa.

Construction began in February by Korman Construction, the same contractors who worked on the original marina development. The two-storey building will have 52 yacht-themed rooms and has been designed to blend in with the surrounding natural environment. Visual features include replica teak-deck flooring and a light blue and grey colour scheme.
Liza Singer, managing director of Karpaz Gate Marina, explained the rationale behind the marina and the new hotel. “The ground-breaking project to develop Karpaz Gate Marina, the first modern yacht marina in North Cyprus, has been an incredibly rewarding challenge which first began in 2005. Since the opening in 2011, our priority has been to offer premium berthing, leisure and technical facilities, maintaining the highest standards to ensure we exceed the expectations of all our clients and guests,” she said.
“In seven years, we have succeeded in attracting yachts to an unknown, unrecognised, internationally embargoed country, and to a remote area like Karpaz. Now the time is right for us to take the next step, enhancing the marina and technical centre, beach club and leisure facilities with the addition of high-end luxury hotel accommodation and spa facilities for our clients and guests,” she added.
The new hotel is scheduled to open in 2020.


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