An oasis on a desert coastline by Dan Natchez, CMP

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Máncora. Unless you are from Peru, or possibly if you are a surfer, chances are you probably haven’t heard of it – yet. 

Máncora, with a year round population of roughly 10,000 residents, is considered one of the best beaches in South America and is located along Peru’s sparsely developed northwestern Pacific coast, approximately 96.5km (60mi) south of the Ecuadorian border. The coast in this portion of Peru lies in the rain shadow of the Andes, resulting in a desert-like and largely rain-free environment. And despite being only about four degrees south of the equator, the prevailing offshore currents in the Pacific typically keep the daytime air temperature in the low to mid-twenties Celsius (70s F), ever so slightly warmer than the typical water temperature. Unlike Lima’s considerable cloudiness, the sun in this part of Peru shines just about the whole year. Pretty ideal.

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