Passion, commitment and hard work

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Securing the contract for The Palm Jumeirah marinas in the UAE significantly helped Marinetek to broaden its global reach.

A lot can happen in quarter of a century. Marinetek co-founders and directors Ilkka Seppälä and Markku Rantanen reflect upon 25 years and, in tandem with president and CEO Mika Parviainen, look to the future. Carol Fulford listens in.

Many friends get together to dream up business ventures. Most are abandoned; some come to fruition; and a few thrive. The true test is to maintain both business-based friendship and friendship-based business. “We’re not just friends but brothers,” says Seppälä, glancing at Rantanen with a smile that reaches his eyes. “We’ve always worked together – Markku’s a sounding post and a soul mate,” he adds. Rantanen is a listener by instinct. “If you share experience and discuss different things you become open to different ways of achieving things,” he explains.
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