Climate or weather change be prepared

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by Darren Vaux 
The marina industry operates at the interface where the embodied energy from 71% of the world’s water surface interacts with the remaining 29% that is land. The marina industry has always needed to be prepared for, and react to, extreme weather. The effect of climate change is increased frequency and intensity of these extreme weather events.  

 What does this really mean for the boating and marina industries? Let’s break it down into the key components that affect our industry:
1. Extreme weather
Evidence suggests that there is an increase in both intensity and frequency of severe weather events in the warmer months and in some cases a reduction in the cooler months.  This is a logical consequence of the warming of the globe and in particular the top layers of the ocean as higher levels of evaporation lead to higher levels of precipitation. Essentially, as the earth absorbs and retains more energy from the sun, the atmosphere and oceans become more charged with energy. This manifests in higher, high-pressure systems and lower, low-pressure systems creating steeper pressure gradients, i.e. more wind. Likewise, troughs and fronts become more intense as hot humid air is forced more quickly up into the atmosphere by a cold front creating more intense thunderstorms.  

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