The new ‘cool’ for Fort Lauderdale

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In November 2018, F3 Marina - a division of Milwaukee-based Founders 3 Real Estate - bought SunDance Marine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a 1.3-acre facility with 390ft (119m) of waterfront that had been closed since 2009. F3 Marina looked past the dereliction and envisaged a vibrant new drystack with clean lines and up-to-the-minute automation.

“We were actually looking for a site for Argentinean clients and, when they declined to buy it, we reckoned it was way too good a piece of land to ignore,” explains F3 Marina senior vice president Alain Giudice. “We were already operating a successful, efficient drystack three blocks to the east [The Port Marina] so had a feel for the location and were very excited about it. It would fill a market gap for local boat owners and introduce a beautiful building instead of an eyesore.”
As with every redevelopment, F3 Marina had to leap the hurdles of planning and potential public opposition. “We spent the better part of three years working and re-working the building,” says F3 Marina president John Matheson. “The City of Fort Lauderdale is very particular and required certain aesthetic changes. 

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